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Paddy Field / Padi Field in Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia / Sekinchan Paddy Field


Sekinchan, which literally means “village suitable for plantation” in Chinese, lives up to its name as the town is the rice bowl of Selangor. Large plots of land are cultivated to produce the staple rice supply of Malaysians. This area is well-known for its high yield of rice and mechanised farming methods.



Paddy Plantation Schedule In Sekinchan / Best Time to Visit Sekinchan


Paddy Plantation Activities
Colour Of Paddy Field
Clean Up & Rest Time
Beginning of March
Middle of March-Middle of May
Grow Up
Whole Green
Middle Of May
Golden Yellow
Harvesting & Reaping
Clean Up & Rest Time
Beginning Of September
Middle of Sep -Middle of Nov
Grow Up
Whole Green
Middle Of November
Golden Yellow
Harvesting & Reaping

Above schedule just for your reference, the paddy plantation activities will have two weeks of variance.

Video - The View Of Paddy Field at Sekinchan


View Of The Paddy Field


Sky View Of The Paddy Field (From JS Studio)


Sekinchan Paddy Field Pictures


Paddy Field at Sekinchan
Wide View Of Paddy Field at Sekinchan
Paddy Field at Sekinchan Close Shoot
Green Paddy Field at Sekinchan
Paddy Field Sekinchan
Aqueduct (Water Path) in the middle at the Sekinchan Paddy Field (Padi Field)
Sekinchan Paddy field - Sun Rise
Sun Rise in the Paddy Field of Sekinchan
River at the paddy field Sekinchan
Canal in the middle of Paddy Field Sekinchan,
Road in the middle of the paddy field in Sekinchan
Your drive through this road to have a close contact with the Paddy Field
Stale Timber Bridge at Paddy Field Sekinchan
Paddy Field Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia
Kampung with Paddy Field in Sekinchan
Peaceful Paddy Field with a Kampung (Village)
Sekinchan Paddy Field View
Paddy Field View at Sekinchan
Farmer work at the paddy field sekinchan
Farmers work in the paddy field during harvesting season
Havest season of the paddy field at Sekinchan
Paddy Harvesting Machine is working in Paddy Field Sekinchan
Paddy Havesting season at Sekinchan
Worker is driving the Paddy Harvesting Machine
Paddy havesting season at Sekinchan
Modern Equipment use in Paddy Field Sekinchan
Sunset at Paddy Field Sekinchan
Sunset at Paddy Field Sekinchan


The wide view of Paddy Field (Padi Field) in Sekinchan / Sekinchan Paddy Field show different feeling in different time. In the month of March and September are the rice transplanting period, the view of the paddy field (padi field) is green. During the harvest season, June and December, the paddy field (padi field) is look like gold yellow colour.



In this Sekinchan paddy field (padi field), you can drive right beside the paddy fields. There have roads connecting the a small village located (Site A) in the center of the Sekinchan paddy fields (padi field). Along the way, you will find water path (aqueduct), little bridge, birds, bird house, farmers and their giant machine.

The wide and nice view of the paddy field (padi field) is rally attractive, many photographers come to Sekinchan for shooting.

Activities at the Paddy Field Sekinchan

Visit Paddy Processing Plant


PLS Marketing - A Paddy Processing Factory at Sekinchan


There are also factories which allow visits. They will brief you on the paddy plantation process, type of rice, you can watch the video presentation regarding the paddy plantation process. You can also purchase the rice here which is not available in the market.

One of the popular paddy process factory open for visit is PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (林贸易), click Paddy Processing Factory to get more information about this factory.


Cycling in the Sekinchan Paddy Field


bycycle and paddy field (padi field) in Sekinchan. Bycycle riding in Sekinchan.
Cycling is one of the interesting activity in the middle of the paddy field.
Cycling in Paddy Field
A group of teenage was cycling in middle of paddy field in Sekinchan.


If you are interested for bicycle riding in the beautiful paddy field. Kindly contact the Sekinchan Bicycle Team with the numbers 017-676 1119.

Eel Fishing in Sekinchan Paddy Field


Eel Fishing in the middle of Paddy Field at Sekinchan
Eel fish cact at Paddy Sekinchan
Eel Fishing in the middle of Paddy Field at Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

Pictures Source : anglingworld.blogspot.com

With wide paddy fields (padi field) covering almost the entire landscape of Sekinchan, this also means that there are many opportunities for the exciting activity of eel-fishing. When the padi fields are being harvested, the water level is lowered. This is the best time to fish for eels as they will be trapped in their nests. The eels will be all hungry waiting for the water level to increase again. Eel-fishing is a common activity among the locals in Sekinchan during the padi harvesting season.

Your may catch yellow eel (eel fishing) in the Sekinchan paddy field after harvesting (June & December). Kindly contact Mr Yap at 012-250 2156 for eel-fishing activities.


We would like to apologize to Mr Kwong Hong for using his photo without permission and credit. Please visit his website http://iplaywithheart.blogspot.com/2009/08/travelogue_27.html?m=0 for more  beautiful pictures of paddy field in Sekinchan.