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The tropical climate of Malaysia allows bird watching to be a year-round activity. Of course, visitors will have to keep the rainy season in mind when planning excursions and take along rain gear or a poncho. Rain usually falls heaviest from September to January at Sekinchan. Migratory birds get in Malaysia's west coast flyway from Sumatra and beyond with peak movements in April and October.


Heron is flying in the middle of the paddy field at Sekinchan 
Birds is flying in the middle of Paddy Field
Birds is flying in the middle of Sekinchan Paddy Field
Bird at Sekinchan
Migratory Birds at Sekinchan
Migratiry Birds at Redang Beach


Due to the location of Sekinchan facing the Malacca Strait and located in the middle of South China Sea and Jawa Island, there are many migratory birds. Sekinchan are a costal fishing village and also a large paddy field area where you are able to see open country birds. Particularly, winter months are worthwhile to visit. The wetland where the bird inhabiting has become a new tourist attraction and many photographers like to visit here for migratory birds watching and photo taking. You can easily access to the habitation of migratory birds by driving along Lorong 5 and Lorong 6 at Bagan Village. Sekinchan is a good place for migratory birds watching.



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